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I see all kinds of ppl praising Nicki now on ig, making her their wcw, when they use to clown, her when “she dressed like a werido”. Ok 😒 Going on and on about her body. I can’t. To me… And honestly no shade. None… But it’s hard for me to be hype about her body, bc she had so much plastic surgery. Of course her body is crazy. She had it custom made that way. If I could perfect my body, the way I want it, it would be crazy too! Bc Nicki wasn’t naturally built this way, like not even close. We have all seen the pictures. Same thing with Kim, Draya, and many others. I believe plastic surgery is a personal choice, and if u have the money, go for it. But don’t expect me to be hype, about the body you paid for. I’m sorry I can’t. When it’s all natural chicks out here killin’em. Like DANGEROUSLY naturally curvy. That work out and eat right and still struggle to maintain their figures. Then I thought it was funny how Nicki shades skinny girls in her song, when she use to look like them. Meanwhile slim curvies stay breakin’ necks. I just can’t. It’s too much. Fake boobs, hips and butt cheeks are ok, but weave and makeup is why y’all have trust issues. Ok.

Honestly I be feelin this way. 

I love Nicki but I can’t even be excited about all the ass gif’s and all of that shit. And I been saying this FOREVER about Kim Kardashian. Yes girl you’re gorgeous, but you payed for all of that. It feels like you cheated. Then you see this shit all over tv and you have women out there aspiring to have bodies and faces like this that these ladies paid for! It’s insane. 

**And omg YES to the last few sentences. Dudes on fb talmbout women out here foolin them with all the make up and weave, but will say Kim K is their ideal chick. Like that’s why I say chill out on all the tv watching because tv really fucks up your perception of reality. That shit is so dangerous. 

I agree with this wholeheartedly

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Meshell NdegeOcello.

Gap ad postcard, 1996.

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My dad is actually the villain from despicable me.

this is amazing

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