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Cinematic masterpiece tbqh

This scene killed meh

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I think we all got a little bit more gay this year

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Head full of hair

Legit goals

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Jewelry - Shayla Cox
Model - Mengly Her
Stylist - Pamela Shepard
Photographer - Kwesi Abbensetts

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Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman-Hughes, 1972 and 2014

Both by Dan Bagan

Wanna see my cry like a baby? Ask me who these women were.

Hughes’ father was beaten nearly to death by the KKK when she was a kid, and what does she do? Become an activist to try and stop that from happening to other people. She raised money to bail civil rights protesters out of jail. She helped women get out of abusive situations by providing shelter for them until they got on their feet. She founded an agency that helped women get to work without having to leave their children alone, because childcare in the 1970s? Not really a thing. In fact, a famous feminist line in the 70s was “every housewife is one man away from welfare.”

Then she teamed up with Steinem to found the Women’s Action Alliance, which created the first battered women’s shelters in history. They attacked women’s rights issues through boots on the ground activism, problem solving, and communication. They stomped over barriers of race and class to meet women where they were: mostly mothers who wanted better for themselves and their children.

These are women are who I always wanted to be.

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Alina Baikova

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this is the most random ensemble of people i have ever witnessed in 21 years that i have been on this planet

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